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Star Photo Clips String Lights

Illuminate and personalize any space by Star Photo Clips String Lights.

You can position them in any fashion you like, and the wire is bendable, allowing you to create custom designs and shapes anywhere. 

They are ideal for hanging photos, holiday cards, children's artwork, or whatever lightweight crafty/decorative items you desire.

This makes for a great decoration for any type of situation you have in your hands such as a birthday party, wedding Christmas parties, or anything you want to make classy.

The Polaroid lights give its touch that makes everything else as the background but in such a good way. 


  • Material: copper wires, led wire color: White
  • Light color: warm white 
  • LEDs Quantity: 10 Photo Clips
  • Power Source: 2 Batteries

Package includes:

1 x Star Photo Clips String Lights( battery not included).

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