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Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game

Monopoly Electronic Banking is a modern spin on the classic Monopoly game, and it’s still all about the money!

Using the electronic banking unit and the 6 colored bank cards, you can collect rent instantly, buy every property you land on, build houses and hotels, and win it all!

You'll love using your personal monopoly game bank card! It transfers your winnings just like a real credit card for fast fun!

It includes: 

  1 x gameboard,

28 x title deed cards,

16 x chance cards,

16 x community chest cards,

32 x houses,

12 x hotels,

  6 x tokens,

  2 x dice,

  1 x electronic banking unit,

  6 x electronic banking cards,

  1 x User Guide.

Package Includes:

1 x Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game(includes as mention above)

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