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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 44
Decorative Rice Lights will illuminate your room with light shades and will give you pleasant and soothing effects.You can now replace your lamps with this light and can create decorative patterns on your walls with this 4-meter long wire light. It's long-lasting and energy-saving too.It is usually ..
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1 Letter Illusion keychain 1 Letter Illusion keychain
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 64
3D Dual Letter Illusion keychain is an illusion kind of product, it shows one letter when seen from the left side and another letter when seen from the right side.We would be able to create illusions with any letter combinations.This is the best gift by using only the initials of their names.It's a ..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 55
Set of 11 games, fun magnetic board games enjoyable for kids and adults to play with.It Includes:Chess9 Men's Morris Ludo Snakes and Ladders BackgammonTic-Tac-ToeSteeplechaseRacing GameCheckersChinese ChequersSpace Venture.Great size - these mini games are neat and compact perfect occupation fo..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 36
There is 3 in 1 combo which includes a pen, a cardholder, and a keychain.The crystal pen can add a touch of elegance to this gift set. The pen displays gorgeous clear crystals that are placed in a transparent shaft. The basic roller function makes this pen extremely easy to use.Keep your cards unben..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 1
3D Printed Name Keychain is a 3D printed keychain with customize names of your choice. You can also gift your loved one with such a keychain of their name.The dimension of the keychain 7mm height x 18mm width and length vary depending on the number of letters(80 to 100mm max).Package Includes:1 x&nb..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 2
3D Printed Round Keychain is a keychain with a round shape with a customized photo of your choice. The dimension of this keychain is 56mm x 62mm x 4mm.Package Includes:1 x 3D Printed Round Keychain...
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 3
3D Printed Square Keychain is a keychain with a square shape with a customized photo of your choice. It comes in 2 variety with border and without border square keychain.The dimension of this with border square keychain is 63mm length x 53mm breadth x 4mm height.The dimension of this without bo..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 4
3D Printed Squircle Keychain is a keychain with a squircle(A squircle is a shape intermediate between a square and a circle) shape with a customized photo of your choice. The dimension of this keychain is 61mm length x 52mm breadth x 4mm height.For the best results upload photos witho..
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4 in 1 Collage Photo Frame 4 in 1 Collage Photo Frame
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 88
Re-live your golden memories by decorating your home with photographs.Give your beautiful memories the special framing they deserve with this collage photo frame. It arranges your photos in such a way that will not only give the pictures a distinct look but also add a classy touch to the decor of th..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 54
6 in 1 educational solar energy kit is easy to assemble as no tools are required. No batteries are required to run the toy motivates the children to learn the concept of clean and green solar energy.It is safe, educational and eco-friendly. Most suitable for school project. Solar energy kit teaches ..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 58
The 6 in 1 solar recycle robot brought to you is an all in one kit for young scientist and engineers.The curious mind will learn about robotics and Engineering through this package. This is an eco-friendly mechanical toys that run on solar power many Project Use recycle item from the household come ..
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Brand: FlyGift Model: FG 59
The kit contains everything one may need to make loom bands including super impressive weaving loom, a weaving tool as well as S clips etc.The kit also improves one's hand eye coordination.A perfect gift for kids.Age: Above 5 yearBox Dimension: 30cm x 22cm x 5cmContents: 700+ Bands, Weaving Loom, we..
Ex Tax:₹529
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